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  1. dragos dubina Post author

    Hi Tommy,
    I’m glad if you find interesting my photos from Sepik. I wasn’t that active on my blog last years, but I kept going to Sepik. Last year I returned to the communities from Ama Mountain, where many things changed in between. (I started to post something on Instagram)
    Now I’m looking to apply for a research grant, or a ma-phd program, based on the data I collected so for along Sepik River. I’m interested to know more about your research project on Sepik.
    I’d be happy to provide more info about Middle and Upper Sepik and Maprik area, where I spent 6 months, mingling with the locals, recording stories and taking part to communities events. At the beginning of August (2018) I plan to go again to Sepik, for 60 days.
    dragos.dubina@gmail.com, FB: Dragos Dubina, Instagram @dragosdubina

  2. Tommy

    Hi Dragos,

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and writeup. I am a doctoral student seeking to visit groups in the Ama mountain region and yours is one of the few accounts I have come across of a recent visit to the area. If you’d be willing to share any more details of your trip, or advice on how best to reach the area, I’d appreciate hearing it. Thanks very much.

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